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Jon Robertson

Booklets For Less, a division of 1-800-ProColor, is a digital color printing and design studio located in downtown Los Gatos, California. The company was founded in 1948, and has been run by the Robertson family since the early 1950s.

Our knowledge and experience of customer needs and printing issues is vast, and because we are commited to the latest high tech equipment and software, we serve our clients well.

We print booklets, programs, pamphlets, data sheets, and educational materials, for businesses, schools and service clubs – and we can print them faster than it takes to pull a rabbit out of a hat! How? Because we have multiple color-calibrated high speed digital printers that turn out booklet, after booklet, after booklet... It's an easy process for us because we've done it for so many clients so many times, and we're good at what we do.

Don't forget, we can also print banners, posters, and save-the-date postcards, ~ we're always here to help!

Booklets for Education
We started typesetting books and doing layout and design for education in the early 1970s for Sky Oaks Productions, Inc. We stayed in this business over the years, learned a whole lot about teachers and schools, and developed methods for producing high quality teaching materials at a low enough cost...

How to Make a Booklet
Learn how to take ordinary computer files and automatically turn them into great little booklets! On this page is a general guide for creating high quality saddle-stitched booklets from almost any computer or software combination...
Printing Tips
Using us as a partner, as opposed to "just another printer," will provide remarkable results. We can help you stay on schedule and on budget, if we collaborate early and often. Bringing us into your project early will help speed everything along and avoid last minute headaches, and common pitfalls...

Our History
Travel back in time to the early years of our company. What we haven't known we learned. What we couldn't do, we outsourced. And when we made a mistake, we fixed it. Our word is our bond, quality our watchword, as it was all those years ago. It isn't really magic, just experience and a commitment to excellence...

Booklet Gallery
We design and print booklets every day, using a wide variety of papers and brilliant inks to create "Masterpieces in Miniature". Here are some samples all printed by Booklets for Less...

Contact Us
We will get to know each other and figure out how to get your projects printed correctly, on time, and within budget. We are going to change your expectations of what a printing company can do...

Do your sales materials keep changing?
Not to worry... after we've printed your documents, we can keep them on file - for reprinting. And all you have to do is send us an email or give us a call to get 50, 100, or 500 more... Need to update pages 7 and 23 before you reprint for the trade show next week? Simple. Just send us the updates, we'll insert them, and then start the print run.

You can call us and get the same person, year after year… who knows your issues, who compares the color of your logo each time your job is run, who knows where all your files are kept, who knows that the CEO's face isn't supposed to be "that red", well, as much as anything else, that's what we're about.

Our business is about service: relationship, continuity, and consistent quality.

Other Services

Maserati Poster

Shakespeare Banner

~ We Print Posters~

This beautiful 30"x36" awared winning poster
won Best of Class in 1995.

This is the most sought after poster we've ever printed.

~ We Print Banners~

We'll create a banner for your event – using your artwork!

Be sure to check out our publishing services for perfectbound and hardback books.

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